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Shivani & Devan

Shivani is an extremely talented woman, with a dedicated & cheerful personality. My fiancé had no background experience in dance and was extremely nervous in our performance. But being such a loving husband, he gave in and joined me in our one-on-one sessions with Shivani because it was part of my fairytale wedding. She even changed moves mid-practice because she had a different vision in mind, and wanted us to look the best in front of our 700 guests at our reception. From creating the mix, to video tapping the dance choreo for us, to our late night practices she made sure everything was perfect. For only having 2 weeks to practice she didn’t push us away but dedicated her time to make sure we were comfortable with the choreography. Not only was the dance a complete hit, my fiancé nailed it and i was in complete awe. We were shocked as we received such a huge applause and the audience cheering “once more!” We couldn’t have asked for a better dance instructor than Dancin' Gandhi.


Candace & Roshan

Shivani was so great! I’m a dancer and I needed some couples choreography for my first dance with my new Husband! She was flexible with our schedule, and came to meet us on our side of town. I had a vision and she put moves to it! As a teacher she was awesome and experienced to teach dancers at different levels, so both of us were comfortable with the choreography and we had SO much fun learning and practicing. The performance at our wedding on the Roof at Ponce was a surprise to everyone and we had the best time of our lives. Thanks Dancin' Gandhi!


Ashish & Sandy

Working with Shivani was amazing!! When Ashish and I were planning our wedding reception at the Mercedes Benz Stadium, we did not even know where to begin. After our first initial meeting with Shivani, her creative ideas were outstanding. Her ideas were flowing from having the Falcons mascot to having the cheerleaders perform a dance with us! We were speechless and did not think it was even possible. She took the time out of her schedule to meet with the cheerleaders and coordinate everything so perfectly to where it was one less thing for Ashish and I to worry about. She was able to add the extra touch to our dance by personalizing to mine and Ashish's personalities. Our nerves were at ease when we saw Shivani right before our reception to practice our dances. Shivani is a great teacher who is very easy going and flexible with time to make sure that we are happy. Her passion and dedication for dancing is seen when she was teaching us. We highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn/perform a dance! Thank you Shivani for everything that you have done for us! You made our dream wedding reception extremely memorable!! 

Shivani, I want to thank you for helping my family and I for choreographing such a beautiful dance piece. Our performance turned out so beautiful and all of our guests enjoyed it. You are so passionate about dance. You are so hardworking and dedicated to your dance choreography. You are always current with the new music and new style dance moves. You really make a dance practice fun and exciting. You Shivani starting from our initial meeting and to the finish of our final  performance were very patient. You made it so easy for us aunties to learn all the dance steps and coordinated it so well. You also suggested all the new Bollywood music and cut our melody of songs together. You were very up to date with the swag and style. Always on time and diligent. I know all the aunties made you wait sometime but you were always patient, cool and calm. You have great sense of dance and music which was even easier for all my friends. You made the whole experience wonderful and memorable. And I would highly recommend your dance services to anyone in a heartbeat. Again thanks for everything you have done for all us.

Varsha Shah 

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